Monday, April 6, 2009


Olive Fremstad (1871-1951) as Isolde
from The Great Opera Stars in Historic Photographs Dover


  1. WOW. What a crown and what a character! Everything theatrical, gorgeous and full of texture...that is the way to decorate! Thank you for the eye candy today! Oh,and out of your busy schedule, many thanks for the info on the crowns. When you do get around to making another one however, I DO WANT A FLEUR DE LYS CROWN! Let me know the price. Anita

  2. OH, I just love this one. I have a book of opera singers and she is in it! What an amazing image! My nephews just got little Knight Costumes and are seeing the Holy Grail and the Lady of the Lake(they say she is me)everywhere. They want to go a great adventure to pull Excalibar from a rock and then they want me to jump in my parent's creek(right now even though it is still pretty cold) so I can truly be the Lady of the Lake. They are so cute that I may just do it!

  3. I just rewatched Tristan & Isolde this weekend (the version with our Rufus).

    Isolde's gown and crown in this photograph are stunning.