Friday, August 27, 2010

New Books to inspire...

I used to come home from LA with a suitcase full of new clothes & boots. These days, it's books!

Bosch & Van Eyck books came from the incredible TASCHEN store in Beverly Hills. What a temptation that place was. There were a few limited edition David Bowie &  Ellen von Unwerth books that had us wishing for lottery wins, still fun to browse. If you visit, say hi to Nick for us!

Book Soup is where I found the Medieval Jewellery V&A book, what a collection of beauty!

We also purchased books on Punk photography ~ Ask The Angels & Made in the UK for youthful memories :) So much fun.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

vacation inspirations

Still settling back after a wonderful vacation in Los Angeles & points North. Relaxed and energized to get back to work tomorrow, so much are a few.


The Trunk show at La Belle Epoque was so much fun! 

too busy to get good photos but luckily Pamela's friends took some great shots here

looking forward to posting new designs on Etsy & new exciting projects to unveil~
very soon. xxJen