Friday, August 27, 2010

New Books to inspire...

I used to come home from LA with a suitcase full of new clothes & boots. These days, it's books!

Bosch & Van Eyck books came from the incredible TASCHEN store in Beverly Hills. What a temptation that place was. There were a few limited edition David Bowie &  Ellen von Unwerth books that had us wishing for lottery wins, still fun to browse. If you visit, say hi to Nick for us!

Book Soup is where I found the Medieval Jewellery V&A book, what a collection of beauty!

We also purchased books on Punk photography ~ Ask The Angels & Made in the UK for youthful memories :) So much fun.


  1. oh wow, a Taschen store! wonderful! Enjoy your new acquistions :-)

  2. Taschen books can be so lovely - I'm trying to imagine a whole store of them! Congratulations on your beautiful book finds. Would love to borrow them all and read with a (carefully handled) cup of tea at my side.

  3. Beauty to inspire the beauty you make. Galatea seems to approve of your choices.