Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Lady of the Barren Tree

Our Lady of the Barren Tree Petrus Christus 1444 or 1462


  1. There is so much mystery in this art; it makes muted colors, fog, cloudy days even more beautiful and intriguing! I LOVE IT. How did your jewelry show go? We are anxious to know. Anita

  2. thank you so much Anita!

    the show wasn't great, too many vendors and an out of the way spot but I had a great time! always fun to get out of the studio and meet people....I can't be a hermit all the time :)

  3. I'm sure there is much symbolism here as well as a compelling visual.

    Do you know what the "A" represents?

  4. "The Madonna is surrounded by leafless branches of a tree from which hang fifteen golden letters, symbols of the Hail Mary"

  5. How inspiring! Of course, I see the Madonna in the tree wearing the red cloak, but a turquoise gown beneath it and replace the wee baby Jesus with a baby cat and there is my "Tree of Golden Letters with a Baby Cat"!

  6. Oh Jen I adore this!!! the red, the branches, the letters, and those wonderful faces! How beautiful!!!

  7. ! M, I can see your version clearly! Do it!

    Ulla, so glad you like it! Very fascinating imagery I thought.
    hugs to you!