Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Italian Wedding jewels

I had the pleasure of working for a lovely woman
that was getting married in an Ancient little town in Italy.
She ordered four custom Single Arch Window necklaces
for her gorgeous bridesmaids, in amber and watery green blue...


  1. What a wonderful project. You are well-loved! What a beautiful wedding party; everything is so perfect! Anita

  2. oh wow! how beautiful these pieces are and they all look so amazing all together! the colours are just so gorgeous together and how wonderful to have your relics in such an amazing place. my sister's best friend got married in italy in a wonderful ceremony in positono. ok, i am getting married again-in venice,italy and all kitted out in parrish relics and you are all invited(wearing fortuny) of course!

  3. ohhh, how fun! I love how the bride chose traditional themed pendants. What lovely photos!

  4. WOW! I wanna be one of her bridesmaids! Those necklaces are beautiful!