Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy, Busy.

Working on custom orders from the customer appreciation sale has me a little behind at the moment as they all came in at once! Very happy to have such patient and understanding patrons, wish I was faster at doing what I do.

Working long hours has me appreciating times in my studio I usually don't see. The light in the early morning is so very different than the way everything looks at night.

A heatwave a little early for New England Spring had me setting up the air conditioner for emergency cooling! Gets very hot up here in the attic :)

Re-arranged some frames on the wall, and added a bit more layers to the window draping to hide the ugly machine at night. I love it now, looks like a tiny dramatic stage setting.

an old bookplate in a carved frame

still have to organize my stained glass bits!

a shelf of moss, shell, aged metal and Icons



  1. How very lovely!! Is that the window by the stairs or your workspace side?

  2. Thank you!
    It is the tiny window in the Stained Glass cutting area.

  3. it's wonderful to work in a space that inspires you by its ambiance!