Monday, July 12, 2010

train tracks & treehouses

This past weekend was so much fun! I had a long planned photo shoot with the very talented Shannon Grant at a gorgeous defunct railroad station, surrounded by trees and a lovely lake.  Just from peeking at the images on her camera, there are going to be some very golden moments captured. I am so excited to have been a part of this amazing team: photographer, models, hair and makeup artists and lots of help styling. It may be a while before I can share, but will do so here when I can!

Here are a few camera phone captures of the serene location, it felt a bit like a ghost town that I would like to inhabit. We had a pizza delivered to us and ate it out front on the very same benches that were once bustling with Victorian travelers and waited out the passing thundershowers under the generous eaves. Magic.

Designed by H.H. Richardson, the very same architect who built my beloved Trinity Church in Boston! Hidden dragons and lions can be found in this deceptively simple building. There are a few other buildings by H.H. in the area that I would love to go back to view up close and get to know a little better.

On Sunday,  came across this wonderful abandoned treehouse while visiting a cat who's people were in Florence~ I wanted to climb up and decorate! Lots of dreaming could be done up there...

So many things to do before vacation in Los Angeles & points North in a few weeks...
must get back to studio time! Looking forward to making jewelry & hopefully listing more on Etsy.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week! 


  1. What a lovely setting, filled with whispers of the past. Can't wait for your "reveal".

    The little tree house is perfection. Wonder if any critters call it home?

  2. What a magical setting--can't wait to see more pics. Hope you have a great time during your vacation!

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  4. can I have your life just for a second? (this is Laurie Ann Haus by the way.) Starting up a more artistic blog here. No personal stuff to get in the way of creativity.

  5. There were many chipmunks and robins running around in the yard below the treehouse, so I'm quite sure it is currently inhabited!
    Thanks Jennifer! I am looking forward to it.
    Laurie Ann, If I can have your amazing voice as a trade it is a deal! :)