Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend time at Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary.

From what I had heard, I was already going to love this place. Rescued animals, beautiful grounds, and for the weekend: a Renaissance Festival with musicians, performers and other vendors all creating a little village within this peaceful setting.

I had no idea what I was in store for.

The grounds alone are worth visiting for~ twisting paths and barns with Gothic windows, elaborate hutches surrounded by beautiful old trees of many kinds, sunlit areas that felt like a lifetime away from work, worries, cars and the stark reality that brought these creatures here.

Donna White is now my personal hero. She built this sanctuary after saving up the money to create her dream, a place where abused and abandoned animals could live out their life and hopefully learn to trust people once again.

As I walked the grounds and read the many horror stories, tears welling up all while these abused animals ~ now so safe and happy ~ greeted me as I walked through their enclosure.

I knew immediately that wanted to help in some way.

Being a self employed artist, I don't have loads of money or time to offer. But I can try to raise some much needed funds by donating 10% of each sale from my Etsy shop from now on and for as long as I can afford to ~ and by telling everyone I know to please visit and support this magical place. (They have Sanctuary tours daily except for Tuesdays, birthday parties, film nights and many fairs and festivals throughout the year! Something for everyone and every family.)

As I was working within my booth most of the time, I didn't even begin to meet all of the beautiful creatures that reside there. Already plotting and planning my next visit as soon as I can manage! I cannot wait to go back and sit quietly on one of the many benches and wait for one of the many wandering goats, ducks, peacocks, cats, donkeys, geese, chickens, roosters, lambs, llamas, pigs, pheasants, rabbits and dogs to come over and win my heart like Stardust, Luna, Inky, Edmund, Jezebel and Waterford already have. (Not to mention the snowshoe siamese cats that reminded me of my beloved Athena...)

Can't wait to go back.


  1. These lovely photos certainly capture the tranquil beauty and spirit of this place. Amazing. You just want to go up and give each animal a little squeeze. Can't wait to visit.

    And you are a gentle soul to help in this way!

  2. Wow, what an absolutely beautiful place! those are such lucky animals, if only more people had a such a huge heart as Donna. Some of the stories are just so sad. Your doing a wonderful thing by helping!

  3. Thank you for your inspiring description of this sanctuary and reminding us all we can change things for the better through love and vision.