Monday, June 8, 2009


Image from an Illustrated Arabian Nights


  1. I can see how you get your ideas for your jewels...a mix of cultures with a somewhat common thread of colors and textures. Beautiful as ever, Jen! Anita

  2. Dearest Jen, I am honored that you would visit my blog! Isn't it so fun to work with metals? Now I just need one of your crowns and I am set...and that stunning harp pendant that I absolutely missed purchasing. You my dear, have been an inspiration for ME! Carry on the magic, Anita

  3. Thanks Anita!

    I mainly work in clay, so it is more hands on sculpting...I did metalsmithing in art school and it just wasn't for me! I'm an instant gratification kind of girl ;) I suppose some of the beadwork counts as I use eyepins and metal chain!

    Sorry you missed the harp pendant. I will be putting more up on Etsy soon, maybe you will find another that speaks to you sometime.