Friday, June 26, 2009

Zip Trip interview


  1. That was so great! Your work was so wonderfully highlighted and you are such a beauty, inside and out. cheers to you! (James watched with me and sends his regards!)

    And now I'm going to want to call you Little Lady, which is what I call Pembrose, haha! :-D

  2. This really is a good interview and you are so engaging and delightful to watch. Your studio is like a rich little jewel box with the viewer happily trapped inside:)

  3. Jen, what a fun experience to see you on T.V.! I kick myself for not know about you during my Boston days! Lovely, lovely things as always, and your workspace is heaven on earth for me!!! Anita

  4. What a great interview -- you presented yourself and your work so well! Congratulations!

  5. thank you all...I tried to watch it again without picking everything apart...

    glad you enjoyed it!

    (the Little Lady part is hysterical, he should meet my mom!)

  6. fantastic jen! i will call you little lady too! hee! your work looks amazing and i think you did an amazing job too-nothing to pick apart! so great to see lisa's gorgeous tags as well. you studio is just amazing and so inspiring-well done! congrats!