Wednesday, March 10, 2010

fur free

The Beggars, 1568
Pieter the Elder Bruegel

Can't help thinking of this image when I see those silly 'fashion tails'
on folks. Here at Parrish Relics we believe in being Fur Free!
In this day and age of cruelty free fabrics, there is just no reason for it.


  1. Also as a warning that "fake" (animal) fur is often real fur, just not the animal that it appears to be. Like faux raccoon fur isn't synthetic, but is often dog.

  2. yes, there was a time, a long time ago, when if you were in cold region you had no other choice but the world is such a different place now. if you want to dress up like a character from the past you can use yarn or felt the yarn-no one is checking for authenticity! just like we don't have to go shoot our dinner anymore either but at one time this was an everyday job. so, now these tails are just sad.

    also, i love your new blog banner! very "jen" and very "relic".