Friday, March 5, 2010

late night working

In the studio late tonight, finishing up some projects before
heading out to see Alice in Wonderland!

I am now happily a part of the new Etsy Team...BPAL the best smelling team around!

(Note the fantastic Waterhouse Tshirt, my one indulgence from
the Montreal Museum of Fine Art's gift shop! Well, I bought a few post cards too.)


  1. i have to say your work space looks delicious. WE are off to see the film this week too, cannot wait.

  2. Thanks so much Ruthie! I have to constantly de-clutter at least a working area, but I do love to be surrounded by inspiration and materials :)

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Visually stunning and perfectly cast!

  3. i love this photo jen! i love everything about it-all the supplies, your studio is so rich and magical with all your "stuff" which i find so beautiful. you look so beautiful in your t-shirt and your hair is just gorgeous-i am sure you fit right in at the waterhouse exhibit-they should have paid you money to dress up and walk around and explain the paintings to the public-we do that here at the children's museum and it is fabulous! we hire costume makers to make costumes too-can you imagine medievalmuse making various waterhouse gowns and doing this at the waterhouse exhibit? you both could pick a favourite painting and go to town!

    i so hope i get to see this movie! in the last few years, i can't seem to get to cinema. i have tried to make little "alice in wonderland" vingettes around the book store though and we are getting in more "alice" type books(both for adult and children) so that has been fun(i am also starting new alice dolls-i made a one back about 10 or more years ago when my mom got her first black beltas alice is her favourite character and i wanted to give her a big surprise gift because she gave me a handmade snow white doll when i was a little girl and i still love that doll so much. plus, alice is wearing aqua and stripey tights and fabulous shoes-a 'merle' must). i hope you liked the movie and that it inspired you!