Friday, October 22, 2010

100th pictorial necklace listing!

Two Hounds Tapestry Pictorial Necklace             

 my 100th Pictorial Necklace has now been listed on Etsy!
in celebration, 50% of the price of the necklace will be donated to the dog/pet charity of your choice!
(Paypal donation capable charities preferred)
feel free to contact  me with any questions!

also to celebrate the arrival of the newest Parrish Relics household member, Charlotte Oktober!


  1. congrats jen! i love this new piece and i love this photo of your new baby! she is just too cute-what a beauty.

  2. Charlotte is beautiful, congratulations on your new family member!! :).

  3. Awh...welcome, Charlotte -- what a lovely name! And congratulations, Jen, on your Etsy success.

  4. thanks everyone...Charlotte is so sweet and such a gift.

    necklace has been sold, $38. sent to Dallas Ft. Worth Pug Rescue! thanks T!

  5. Beatiful fur baby indeed!

  6. I love the pictures of Charlotte; she reminds me so much of our Tilly. As a former cat-person who has recently been converted to a dog-AND-cat lover (although we sadly don't have any cats now due to my husband's allergies, and I have to make due with admiring the five next door), it's nice to that you are as besotted with your new pup as I am with mine. I can see why though...Charlotte Oktober is absolutely adorable. Long may black dogs rule!