Friday, November 12, 2010

Museums, Saints & Relics!

Busy days in the PR studio!
 Dropped off jewelry for the Museum School Art Sale beginning next week,
 getting ready for the Snow Mall show the first weekend in December, 
and spending evenings researching and sketching designs for the upcoming
British Museum's Treasures of Heaven Saints, relics and devotion in Medieval Europe

I couldn't be more excited about working with the gift shop again, 
and this is quite the dream project for me! Really hope to visit this time.

A little inspiration...

And of course, will be updating the Etsy pages, both Lyra Parrish and PR many times up until the holidays, so check in on our facebook page for what's new!


  1. Congratulations on another exquisitely appropriate partnership with the British Museum shop! What a perfect theme for your work, and how wonderful that visitors of taste will have a chance to take a souvenir home with them that truly evokes medieval sacred art and handcraftsmanship.

  2. Are these samples of what we *will* see on the trip? (I'm speaking as if it is a certainty and maybe the universe will concur.)

    Can't wait to see your new pieces on display in the museum shop. As always, in awe of all your designs and phenomenal creativity.

  3. Hey Jen your work is wondrous and so imaginative . Nice to see you at the forge :-)

  4. So excited for you! A perfect partnership of beauty :-)

  5. I just saw this exhibit yesterday at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was a great exhibit with truly beautiful pieces. ( Your jewelry will compliment it very well.