Friday, April 8, 2011

Emerge ~ Enchanted April

 Spring Editorial  & Interview with New Brahmin!
There are links to all of the jewelry that is currently for sale on Etsy,
everything else is will be up later today.

I am so in love with these photographs and will be sneaking
them into just about everywhere PR with much gratitude to

Styling: Liana Krupp

Model: Amanda Gordon

For anyone curious about the High School Art Teacher I mention who sent me in the direction of jewelry design (I still owe her a piece of jewelry ~ "not snakes or crosses" as she teased all those years ago) Anytime Rosalie!

Before Sundown ~ Rosalie Sidoti

On her website I learned that she studied at Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Fine Arts! I would love to have heard about her experiences there but didn't know or didn't ask, being a self-involved and painfully shy teenager back then. The PRB were not officially in my view yet, and was much more obsessed with music than art at the time  ~ 

Duran Duran, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, Adam Ant, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Marilyn, Berlin, Marc Almond and on and on. I think I spent most of my less engaging classes writing band names on my notebook, making sketches, daydreaming of the next concert!

Ok, I'll admit to still being obsessed with music, and many of the same bands.
Duran Duran's latest is REALLY GOOD! A great mix of retro sounds and new production, catchy tunes. I never tire of Simon's voice and my teen idol Nick Rhodes is still very dear to my heart. 

Still deep in production on the latest gift shop order from 
The British Museum for the upcoming "Treasures of Heaven" Exhibition  
Oh, to be able to get to London for this...a girl can dream. And play the lottery!


  1. Great New Brahmin feature! I love the contrast of ethereal pallor in model and wardrobe with the richness of your jewels. Before I read the article, I was intrigued by the styling of your jewels with modern, minimalist street wear (which I do all the time!). It was neat to read that that was a very purposeful aesthetic choice.

  2. I LOVE the Brahmin Blog photos! I love how they have mixed contempory clothing with your relics and the photographs is so gorgeous. It is amazing how much a teacher can inspire and influence us-so glad that you had one who really understood you. And, wow, The "Treasures of Heaven" Exhibit will be fantastic! There has to be a way for your to get there. If you dress up like the bust in the photo, you will look just like her-do that and get some photos to send them-surely they will need your for the opening to walk around as her(you might have to learn some lines and talk about the Exhibit though-you can do that!) and will pay for your ticket! How grand!

  3. Very glad I found your blog.


  4. I am constantly amazed by the wellsprings of beauty within you, Jen! Each time I go to etsy I am bowled over by the work you create. If wishing made it so, I'd have enough of your necklaces, etc. to fill several extra large treasure chests! (a la pirate loot *g*) In the meantime, I think it's time to go try on the ones I have. ^_^