Thursday, May 5, 2011

spring cleaning

Deep in the last weeks of one of the largest production orders of my life. Yesterday took some time to re-organize my studio's work area with better shelving and easier to reach bead/stone organizers. Half the time I have Galatea on my lap and couldn't reach the higher bead drawers, now I won't have to disturb her at all...everything within reach.

Now re-energized and ready to make those last 2 necklaces and 16 pairs of earrings~ ~tag, ship, release, breathe.

Viola inspects her favorite bed, now on a pedestal 
so that she can watch the birds out the window . 

or the dogs that visit during the week here at Walk-About!


  1. Each photo is a vignette of total loveliness. Best of luck in the final stretch.

  2. such a wonderful and inspiring studio! it truly looks like your beautiful jewelries. i love that bead collection.


  3. Sometimes space clarification and reorganization is just what it takes to clear one's head and re-energize, even if you're busy.

    I bought nasturtium plants yesterday -- thinking of you and your work for the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum!

  4. This is just like Aladdin's cave to me - absolutely magical! May I come visit, pretty please? ;) ~Siobhan

  5. Love your studio and your jewelry.