Friday, February 11, 2011

Nature Inspired Work & Cabin Fever

Sometimes looking out the studio window is my only connection to nature, the outside world for days. I am grateful to the many birds and squirrels that stop by to find shelter in the old pear tree.

This winter has been so hard on so many people, I'm sure the animals have had it bad but they seem to flourish and thrive all the same.  Survival. Hope. Cycle of Life.

Here is a group of creatures coming with me to the show on Sunday... 
if they don't find homes there they will be appearing on Etsy soon!


  1. the squirrels photo is outstanding !!! and I'm sure your own creatures will ALL find appreciative homes !!! Beautiful !!!!

  2. Love the woodland creatures! Beautiful creations as always Jen!

  3. A cute take on the partridge in a pear tree!! I simply cannot get over how bushy your squirrels' tails are compared to ours here in NC. A natural adaptation to cold, I suppose?

    And oh my - exquisite designs!!! Those lucky customers.

  4. These new pendants with forest animals are fantastic!!!
    Good luck for the show on sunday!