Monday, June 7, 2010

Sleeping Giant

Had the extreme honor and pleasure to watch my friend Lisa Stock in action yesterday, filming the prequel to her Titania film at Sleeping Giant state park in CT. Not only was the location magical and green (complete with a stone tower and the most breathtaking views) but meeting the crew and witnessing the work and love that goes into her creations was something I will never forget.

Brought the headpiece that was auctioned for Hippolyta to wear, wish I was there to see it on her today! And the three necklaces that will be worn by the Fates, two of which I got to see yesterday and could hardly contain my excitement at how beautiful they were. Grecian goddess.

was lucky enough to see a doe on the drive into the park up close as well.
 no photo...just a magical memory.
just a sample of the beauty witnessed and never forgotten. 


  1. Love how Lisa's work and yours intersect and become one with the beauty of landscape. Stunning visuals. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Sleeping Giant park is very close to me! My family goes there all the time to hike with the dogs. ^_^ It sounds like a great place to set the Titania prequel.

    I've spent too much time away from the internets this spring - I completely missed your customer appreciation sale in March. so sad!

  3. Oh wow, the color of those necklaces! Divine! And what a lovely location.

    Could you please give me a link to the film website? I've been to it before, but now I can't find it again for some reason.

  4. Thank you MM! I am honored to have my jewelry in her beautiful films.

    K! Oh, if I had known we were so close we would have invited you...miss you!

    JJ, here is the direct link, the one at the bottom of the post is to her main site:

  5. Wow that is absolutely awesome! Beautiful jewelry and I can't wait to check out the film when it is finished!

  6. wow! your necklaces are so perfect and gorgeous-they will be just amazing for the film. and, what amazing and magical beauty is all around-how exciting. i can understand why you would want to be there everyday!