Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tapestry Cat

Medieval Tapestry ~ "The Noble Lady Spinning Wool" 

Lots of cats on my mind today. Sending healing thoughts to Queen Mab, exited to meet my mother's new foster cat, and finally a visit to Sister Thrift this afternoon to donate and hopefully shop benefitting MetroWest Humane Society.

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  1. oh no! i hope all will be well with queen mab! i don't know what is up, but i have several friend with sick cat children right now. my "holy healing altar" has had a candle lit all the hours i am awake and is filled with all the bast cats my twin has brought me over the years from egypt. sending tons of love to these little people!

    i love this tapestry! it will make an amazing relic! wishing you a wonderful day.

    oh, and i ADORE Rosebud! she and the whole relic are just divine-i actually tried to smell her fur! photos to come.