Thursday, June 17, 2010

treasures found

Had a lovely exploration of the Sister Thrift shop in Burlington, found a few treasures and will definitely go back. Brought three bags of donations, and all things purchased go to a no kill cat shelter. Win win!

first found, a small Nouveau frame, perfect for my favorite Galatea photo.

two matching prints that are perfect in our Greco-Roman themed hallway

Galatea has found a new place to sleep in my studio, under the draped display table. She is a stowaway in the bag that I store all my show supplies in. Do not disturb!

Tomorrow I am heading to the post office to mail out long overdue custom orders, and will drop off a necklace for the Stone Zoo's A Wild Affair auction

detail of "Two Leopards Playing in the Exeter Change Menagerie"
by Jacques-Laurent Agasse (1767-1849)
natural acai seed beads from the Amazon


  1. I love your new treasures and your kitty is so very precious!

  2. Purrfection! Love both framed felines.

    At a glance, I thought Galatea was in a carseat:) for on-the-road adventures.

  3. How did this shop slip by me? Your kitty is a cutie.
    Love the noveau frame. Will have to check out this shop.