Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Visiting friends

One of my biggest pleasures during the day is taking a break to look out the studio window, or go down a floor to our balcony to view the visitors to our yard. Today one of the wild rabbits stopped by to nibble on the grass for a while.

So very happy that our two new trees (not seen from this view) seem to be doing well, I am determined to make this small green space a private oasis.
...for us and for our visitors!


  1. Awww! Maybe it will make a habit of it. The rabbits in my mother's yard always come out at the same time everyday.

  2. Sweet bun bun! Your garden is so lush and lovely!

  3. love all the green in your yard. I had a bunny in my back yard tonight. I had to make sure that it went under the fence to the other side before I could let Jake out!

  4. We are very lucky to have a space of our own to garden in, the dogs get just as much land on the other side of the fence to romp in :)
    Luckily no dogs go into this fenced area, so the rabbits are safe. And the chipmunks, who are to fast to photograph so far! We do see them just about every night now, I'm thinking the coyotes of last summer have moved elsewhere.

  5. You have a BEAUTIFUL garden. It reminds me of the one behind my childhood home, back in England.